County Attorney's Office

The County Attorney is appointed by the Board of Commissioners to serve as the legal advisor/counsel for Johnston County. As with all appointees, the County Attorney serves at the pleasure of the Board of Commissioners.  The County Attorney maintains a high level of knowledge and performance in areas that include: planning and zoning, public utilities, tax administration, human resources, contracts, public/private partnerships, community development authorities, service districts, transportation, interlocal agreements and general law pertaining to local governments, as well as commitment to a high level of public service.  Currently, the County Attorney serves as counsel for all county departments with the exception of DSS and Child Support who retain outside counsel.


The County Attorney’s office does not handle Criminal cases including traffic citations, Civil cases and Small Claims cases in which Johnston County is neither the plaintiff nor the defendant.  For information regarding these types of cases, please contact the Clerk of Superior Court’s office at (919) 209-5400.