Bid on Surplus Items

We are pleased to be able to offer you the chance to bid on surplus County property through

Click here to view the items that the County presently has available for sale.

To begin bidding, you must first register for an account on GovDeals. 

To register:

Click on the New Bidders Register Free link in the top right corner of the window from the link above.  Input the requested information on the form, make your user name simple to remember, and short, as their system does not allow many letters. 

After you fill in this information, they will send you an email with a phone number to contact to activate your account.  Call the number, and then they will email you a temporary password.  After you receive this password, go back to  and log in to the site. 

You will be asked to change the temporary password right after logging in, make the password easy to remember, but hard for someone else to guess, as well as short since their system does not allow many letters or numbers.  Good passwords include letters and numbers, and should not be commonly known things like your birthday, anniversary, or social security number. 

Now you are ready to begin bidding!  Remember when placing a bid, you can set it to automatically bid up to a certain maximum amount you personally set.  Don't forget to check in on your bids before the closing day and time. 

For more information about items for sale, please contact Building and Grounds at 919-989-5177.







Page last updated:  October 19, 2021

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