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Conditions for a Reconnect Power Permit / Inspection

  • House numbers must be posted on the house and at the entrance to the drive if greater than 100 feet off the road.

  • The property must be unlocked.

  • There must be access to all portions of the property including all electrical panels and/or equipment, free from brush and weeds. Access must be provided to crawl spaces and attics, with a ladder provided to access.  Any accessory buildings must be accessible for the verification of installed electrical equipment.

  • All panels are to be labeled for each circuit within. All heating and cooling equipment must be marked for proper inspection of wiring and circuit breakers installed. All wires in panels are to be properly terminated within the panel. All panel covers and screws are to be in place and all blanks are to be sealed with code compliant covers. (No exposed live parts).

  • All components of the electrical system are to be intact and safe. All receptacle and switch covers must be in place. All light fixtures must be installed and not broken. All wires are to be properly terminated within approved junction boxes with approved covers.

  • The property must be reasonably habitable and within compliance of minimum housing standards and applicable state codes, including but not limited to the following:

    1. Egress, decks, steps, etc. shall have reasonably safe railing and walking surfaces which are maintained and within the scope of the code.
    2. Windows and doors shall be substantially weather-tight, rodent-proof and in good repair.
    3. Siding shall be in sound condition and weather-tight.
    4. Provisions for heating must be made per state codes.

  • Operable smoke detectors must be in place. (If it is rental property, General Statutes require that a carbon monoxide detector be installed).

  • Any electrical repairs to be made to property intended for rent, sale or lease is to be done by a licensed electrician per General Statute. (If current permit applicant is not the owner/occupant of said property, then electrical repairs must be made by a licensed electrician).  If the property is in a state of disrepair and the property owner is not sure of how to meet the necessary requirements, it is highly recommended that a licensed electrician be brought in to make the property compliant prior to inspection.



Page last updated: February 24, 2022

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