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Why Inspections Fail

Single-Family Construction

Building Inspections

  1. Firestopping. (ie: holes cut for plumbing pipes in floors under bath tubs and showers)
  2. Failure to follow engineered plans and specifications and/or not providing required documentation. (plans, truss drawings, LVL information, etc.)
  3. Improper anchor bolt spacing, anchor bolt sizes, washer sizes, and depth of embedment for exterior walls for foundation walls located at garage.
  4. Failure to provide continuous bearing at the ends of gable trusses down to the foundation.
  5. Inadequate exterior wall bracing ( ie: 1 x 4 let-in bracing used where structural sheathing was actually required such as the 1st story of a 3-story house).
  6. Guardrails and handrails with intermediate rails or ornamental closures which allow a six inch or more object to pass through or vertical members with more than four inches between rails.
  7. Improper notching and drilling of holes in structural wood.
  8. Failure to use safety glass in hazardous locations such as adjacent to doors and bath tub areas.
  9. Inadequate blocking between floor joists where a load bearing wall is located above.
  10. Improper caulking and weather-stripping around the exterior of the home.

Electrical Inspections

  1. House Locked.
  2. Groundless circuit interrupter not installed on circuits feeding receptacles in bathrooms, garages, outside receptacles, crawl space, and kitchen counters.
  3. Ground rod not driven flush or below finish grade with an approved ground clamp.
  4. Non-metallic cable not secured within twelve (12") inches ( within eight (8') inches for single gang device box) and every four (4') feet.
  5. Grounding of all metal equipment - including metal device boxes.
  6. Receptacles located so that no point along the wall space exceeds 6 feet without a receptacle (including wall spaces 2 feet wide and greater). Counter top space in kitchens so that no point along the wall of a counter exceeds two feet without a receptacle.
  7. Nail plates where holes containing cables is less than 1 1/4 inches from edge of stud.
  8. Overcurrent protection of appliances are not in accordance with manufacturer's instructions.
  9. Panelboards not labeled properly.
  10. Required working clearances are not maintained at service equipment and panelboards.

Plumbing Inspections

  1. Job not ready for inspection.
  2. Test leaks on drainage system and/or water system.
  3. Flat dry vents and crown vents not allowed.
  4. Nail plates, where needed for the protection of pipes.
  5. House locked.
  6. Water has not been turned on for final inspection.
  7. Sewer and/or water connections not left open for final inspection.
  8. Seal around all drains and pipes at wall and floor openings.
  9. Pop off valves not piped to a safe location.
  10. Proper grade on all drain lines.

Heating & Air Conditioning

  1. Job not ready for inspection.
  2. Test on gas piping has leaked on rough-in and/or final inspection.
  3. Equipment not installed in accordance with manufacturer's installation instructions.
  4. Gas logs has not been installed in fire place ( part of listed equipment).
  5. Proper clearances of gas vent pipes.
  6. Piping must be installed and tested from the outlet side of the first stage regulator to the house for LPG systems for final inspection.
  7. Outside equipment has not been installed 3 inches above finished grade.
  8. Length of dryer vents exceeds maximum distance allowed and/or vent is not terminated a minimum of 12 inches above finish grade.
  9. Vents on roof are not high enough to overcome back draft conditions.
  10. House locked.

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