2023 Open Space Fund - Approved Projects

The Johnston County Parks and Open Space Program is pleased to announce the approval of recreation and open space grant funding for 2023.  The Program received 23 grant requests from 14 different organizations and municipalities.  Approximately $1.2 million dollars was requested.  A recommendation of $710,444 was submitted for funding with a suggestion to consider future projects.  The Board of Commissioners graciously accepted and approved this suggestion in order to alleviate some of the financial stress on the municipal programs and the athletic associations. 

Nearly 75% of all projects requested were funded.  Projects funded covered a wide range of facility improvements and planning work that spanned the entire county.  Some of these projects will include safety improvements, accessibility enhancements, and repair of current facilities. Please note these funds are restricted for recreation and open space uses. 

Greater Cleveland Athletic Association (GCAA) – Remove & Replace Fences, Demolish & Replace Fence Dugouts and Turfplace/Laser Grade Fields

Corinth-Holders Community Recreation – Remodel Concession Building, Resurface Fields, Walking Path, Replace Bleachers, Safety Handrail, Lights Update, and New Scoreboards

Town of Archer Lodge Parks and Recreation – New Parking Lot 

Micro Athletic Association - LED Light Fixtures and Infield Mix (Baseball & Softball)

Town of Pine Level Parks and Recreation – Dog Park

Princeton Little Tarheel League – Bathroom ADA Remodel

Town of Princeton - Community Center - Land Acquisition Reimbursement

Town of Selma Parks & Recreation – Outdoor Fitness Course

Town of Smithfield Parks & Recreation – Pickleball Courts

Town of Benson Parks & Recreation – New Playground

Meadow Athletic Association – Concession/Bathroom/Storage Building

Four Oaks Civitan – New Roof on Concession Building and Portable Pitching Mounds

Town of Four Oaks Parks & Recreation – Accessibility Walkways & Gazebo Ramp

McGee’s Crossroads Athletic Association (MCAA) – Refurbish Batting Cages, Upgrade Concession Stand, New Bleachers, Refurbished Bleachers, and New Sound System

Although every grant request was not funded, that does not indicate that they are not desperately needed.  Future grant funding cycles are targeted to occur on a biennial basis or as funding is available.  Funding for these grants is provided by open space fees related to new residential development in Johnston County, but charitable monetary donations are accepted and land donations are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

For questions about these grants or more information on the program please contact:

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