2023 Year of the Trail in Review Video


We at Johnston County Parks and Open Space want to thank everyone for helping Johnston County be a substantial partner in the 2023 Year of the Trail designation by the NC legislature. Recreation in our county has been a driver of good health and well-being, as well as an economic driver. Johnston County Visitor Bureau's 2023 annual report found that "Recreation" provided $36.43 million in revenue to our county in 2023 alone through local and national/international tourism. Our department has a lot of projects in progress and we hope to boost that number, plus the number of recreation users in our county exponentially for years to come. 


Please visit the Great Trail State Coalition's website, along with the Year of the Trail website for more information about the 2023 Year of the Trail and what it produced for North Carolina this year, including North Carolina's designation as the Great Trail State!


Thank you and we appreciate all of your support! 


Johnston County Parks and Open Space

Page last updated: January 5, 2024

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