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Welcome to the Johnston County, North Carolina Tax Administration Office.  Tax Administrator is Sheila Garner

Estimating Your Property Taxes

To estimate the amount of property tax due you must first know the assessed (taxable) valuation of the property, the county tax rate, and the tax rate of any other jurisdictions in which the property is located. Add all applicable tax rates together to obtain the Total Combined Tax Rate. All tax rates are per $100 assessed value.

Use the following formula:

Assessed Value/100 x Total Combined Tax Rate=Estimated Taxes

A taxpayer owns property with an assessed value of $125,000. The tax rate for Johnston County is .73. The property is also located in a fire district. If the fire district's tax rate is .08, the Total Combined Tax Rate for this property is .81 (.73 + .08). This means that the property will be taxed at .81 per $100 of assessed value. The estimated tax is as follows:

$125,000/100 x .81 = $1,012.50

In some cases, there may be additional fees (motor vehicle fee, late listing fee, etc).

Annual tax rates are set by the Board of County Commissioners in June of each year.

Note: The rates that are in effect at the time of a motor vehicle renewal are the rates used to calculate registered motor vehicle taxes.