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Johnston County HAPP Office Closed to the General Public due to the COVID-19 Outbreak

Effective: 3/30/2020

With COVID-19 reaching pandemic status, and Governor Roy Cooper issuing a “Stay at Home Order” for the entire State of North Carolina the Johnston County HAPP office is taking steps to ensure the safety and well-being of its participants, the general public and its staff and their families. 

The Johnston County HAPP office lobby will be closed to the general public.  Program participants and landlords who have business to conduct with our office are asked to contact us directly during normal business hours, and make arrangements to conduct said business in a non-contact manner.

Our staff is available at the following numbers and business is being conducted as normal with the exception of no physical contact (Social Distancing). 

Allison Dunn – 919-989-5070 (contact for general questions)

Randy J. Smale- – 919-989-5074

Barbara Mitchell – 919-989-5071

Denise Tyree – 919-989-5072

Myrtle Cooke – 919-989-5417

Dawna Weaver -919-989-5073

Any payments can be put in the drop box or they can be mailed to Johnston County HAPP, PO Box 1515, Smithfield, NC 27577. 

All annual inspections, and in person voucher briefings and recertification interviews have been put on hold until after April 30, 2020 pending the Pandemic status of COVID-19.  We will still conduct initial inspections on unoccupied units.  Participants are still encouraged to mail in their Annual recertification paperwork and supporting documentation.  Changes of Status along with supporting documentation will be done by mail, over the phone or by E-mail.    

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