Animal Services Fee Schedule

Rabies Related Fees

Rabies Vaccinations


Rabies Non-Compliance Fee


Rabies Quarantine Fee (10 days)



Adoption Fees

Basic Adoption Fee (includes $100 Deposit/Voucher for S/N)


Rescue Pull Fee (when applicable)


Breach of Adoption Contract Fee



Cruelty and Ordinance Fees

Animal Cruelty Fee

$500.00 per offense

Dangerous Dog Violations

$500.00 per offense

All other – Ordinance Violations

$100.00 for 1st offense
$200.00 for 2nd offense
$300.00 for 3rd and subsequent offenses


Miscellaneous Fees

Boarding Fee (Dogs Only Plus any Incidental Expenses)

$5.00 per day

Boarding Fee (Horses Only Plus any Incidental Expenses and Feed)

$10.00 per day

Simple Reclaim Fee


Multiple Offender Reclaim Fee


Horse Reclaim Fee


Large Animal Transport (from Violation Scene to Shelter)


Annual Dangerous Dog Registration Fee



**Any additional costs/fees. Beyond those listed above, incurred by Animal Services Department for the special handling of animals, including but not limited to vet care and/or special dietary needs, shall be billed to the Owner or Responsible Institution on an at-cost basis. The determination of whether an animal requires special handling is evaluated on a case by case basis.**

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