July 4th Pet Safety Tips

Pets and Pyrotechnics Don't Mix

The Fourth of July is around the corner. While planning Independence Day celebrations, please bear in mind that pets can become distressed by the additional noise and commotion of the holiday. The Humane Society of the United States strongly encourages pet owners to protect their pets from potential harm with these safeguards:

  • Leave your pet at home.Fireworks displays can be disorienting and frightening to pets, even those used to going places with their people.
  • Create a home sanctuary.  Leave your pet in an area of your home where he or she is safe, comfortable and sheltered from any outside noise and lights.  An inside room, where the pet normally spends time and is comfortable with no windows or doors to access the outside may be best.
  • Protect your property.  When scared, some animals can become destructive, so be sure to remove anything that can become damaged or might harm your pet if it was to be chewed.
  • Never leave pets outside and unattended.  Even in a fenced in yard, panic can lead a pet to escape and get lost, or become injured while trying to seek refuge.
  • Make sure that your pet is always wearing identification.  In the unfortunate event that your pet was to get lost, an updated identification tag greatly increases your chances of being reunited, even if your pet is micro-chipped.
  • If your pet fears loud noises such as thunder, fireworks won't fly.  In that case, consult your veterinarian before July 4 on how to lower your pet's stress level and consider having someone remain home with your pet.
  • If you plan to go away for the holiday, decide what will be the best option for your pet. The HSUS website, humanesociety.org features information on traveling with your pet, choosing a professional sitter, and finding a boarding kennel.

"It is understandable that people want to include their family members - including pets - in their holiday celebrations," said Nancy Peterson, HSUS issues specialist for companion animals. "However, most pets are more likely to enjoy their comfortable routines. Save the fireworks and fanfare for your human companions, and for everyone, have a safe and fun holiday."

For more information, visit http://www.humanesociety.org/pets.

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