Images from Johnston County

Shown below are images from Johnston County.  All images are in JPEG format and are 250 pixels wide by 182 pixels high.  Every image is smaller than 20K.  These images are available for general use.

Johnston County Airport
Johnston County Airport


Bentonville Battlefield during a Reenactment
A Civil War Reenactment at Bentonville Battlefield


Child fishing
Boy Fishing in Stream with Net


Child Fishing #3
Boy Fishing at Waterfall


Child fishing picture #2
Boy Fishing at Mill


Clemmons Educational Forest
Clemmons Educational State Forest


Downtown Selma
Main Street, Johnston County


Farmers Sorting Tobacco
Farmers Inspecting Tobacco


Bridge at Neuse River
Pedestrian Bridge at Neuse River


Reedy Creek Golf Course
Reedy Creek Golf Course


Benson Rodeo
Benson Rodeo


Brookhill Steeplechase
Brookhill Steeplechase


Sunset on the Lake
Sunset on the Lake


A Performance at one of Johnston County
A Performance at one of Johnston County's Theaters


Tobacco Life Museum
Tobacco Farm Life Museum


For more images of Johnston County life, please browse the online magazine, Images of Johnston County


Please note, their images are NOT free for usage like those on this page, see their site for usage details.