County Maps and Interactive Maps

On this page you will find maps that have already been designed and can either be printed right from this page or downloaded and printed from your computer. We are offering these maps in a PDF format so that you can print them in any size your printer is capable of, from letter size to poster size. To view and print these maps, you will need Adobe Reader software. If you don't already have this software, Adobe Reader can be downloaded for free from Click on the links below to view, print and/or save the ready-made maps.

Countywide Maps

You can also Request a Custom Map.



In the menu, if there is an arrow next to a format, this indicates that different print sizes can be selected. This is useful for sending information to a plotter. For desktop printers, only letter size is appropriate. The print sizes offered are letter (8.5”x11”), ANSI C (17”x22”), ANSI D (22”x34”) and ANSI E (34”x44”). Another size option in this list is HTML. This option allows a user to right click on a map and save the map as a digital image.


For letter size, MapClick will print to the user defined scale that appears under the Maps & Layers tab. If it is to print to scale in a larger size sheet of paper on a plotter, an equivalent ratio must be used to print to that scale. Size C will be 2x the input scale, Size D will be 3x the scale, and Size E will be 4x the scale. Example: To print 1"= 200' scale on a size C, a scale of 1"=400' must be used. To print a 1"=200' scale on a size D, a scale of 1”=600’ must be used. To print a 1”=200’ on a size E, a scale of 1"=800' must be used.

Interactive District Maps

Commissioners Districts

Voter Precincts

Fire Districts

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