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How to Call for an Inspection

Important Note

You will need to call in an inspection within six months from your permit issue date. If no inspection is made your permit will expire. Before requesting an inspection, please be aware that it is a requirement to have an approved permit box located on the property. All job sites must have an address posted that is clearly visible from the road. Also a full set of the approved "Inspector Copy" of your plans, an approved site plan with all details and the orange permit card must be in the permit box. No inspection will be made if any of the above items are not on site and a re-inspection fee of $75.00 will be charged.

Required Inspections

The following inspections are required:

  • Footing Inspection

  • Under Slab Inspection, as appropriate

  • **Foundation and Damp-Proofing/Waterproofing Inspections: (without the crawl space leveling and without exterior wall backfill)

    • Temporary service poles and temporary water inspections must be included with the footing or foundation inspection request or next required inspection. Sewer inspection must be included with rough-ins, insulation, or final inspection.

  • **Open Floor Framing Inspection: crawl space leveling, termite treatment.

  • **Exterior Inspection: All flashing, lintels, brick ties, windows and door installation, sheathing-(nailing schedule), building wrap insulation.

  • **Framing Rough-In Inspections: all baffles, air barriers, fire stop and draft stop in place. Insulation must be installed behind tubs, showers, and gas logs that are located on exterior walls.

    (Note: ALL trades -- framing, electrical, plumbing, HVAC -- must be ready for inspection when the request is made; NO single trade inspections will be made.) 

  • Insulation Inspection (only after all framing and rough-in inspections are approved.)

  • **Septic/Sewer Tie-In Inspection

  • **Water Line Inspection

  • **Conditional Power/Gas/Water  (all conditional forms and fees must be paid before scheduling these inspections)

  • Final Inspections (before a Certificate of Occupancy can be given on any residence), all inspections must be approved and final water and sewer approval (Certification Form from Environmental Health Dept.) must be in our file.

  • **Courtesy Inspection: For circumstances that occur which are out of the ordinary and may require an alternate method or PE design.

** Inspections not listed in NC Administrative Code and Polices but are required by Johnston County Inspection Department or Inspections which have requirements not described in the NC Administrative Code and Polices.

Being Prepared

When a request for an inspection is received in our office, all work must be ready for inspection when you CALL IN.

If you find that you will not be ready for inspection, you must call our office NO later than 9:00 a.m. and cancel your inspection request. Failure to do so will result in a re-inspection fee.

If your inspection passes, you will find the section on your Orange Permit Poster marked and dated. If your inspection did not pass, the same section on your Orange Permit Poster will be marked and the items that did not comply will be listed on your Inspection Report left in your permit box. 

Please do NOT call our office about your inspection results. The information will be posted in your permit box or online before it is turned into the office. Remember, always check your permit box or our website after each inspection (it is your point of information).

If your inspection was approved, move on to the next stage of construction. If your inspection was not approved, correct all items listed on your Inspection Notice and request a re-inspection on those items.


Page last updated: January 19, 2024

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