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  • The information on this page pertains to households within the respective city limits only.


  • This information was last updated on December 29, 2020. For the latest information, please contact the individual towns directly. Thank you.



Archer Lodge

The Town of Archer Lodge does not offer curbside collection of trash or recyclables. Please use the County Convenience Centers and Landfill, or a private trash collector to dispose of waste and recyclables.

Contact Archer Lodge:
Town of Archer Lodge
14094 Buffalo Road
Clayton, NC 27528


The Town of Benson began providing combined curbside recycling for residents within the corporate limits on September 2, 2010. Rolling residential containers are available to customers. Recycling pickup is every other Thursday. Materials that can be recycled are:

  • Newspapers (with inserts)
  • Aluminum and metal cans
  • Magazines (not over 14 inches thick)
  • Plastic bottles with a neck (except motor oil and pesticides)
  • Glass (clear, brown and green)
  • Mixed paper

Rear yard pick-up is available for the disabled, and persons over 70 and living alone. Please call the Town of Benson for more information about this service.

The Town of Benson also provides a recycling drop-off location at 208 North Elm Street in Benson. Items accepted for recycling are plastic, newspaper, aluminum, and cardboard. No household waste is accepted at this receptacle.

To have large items such as appliances picked up, call the Benson Public Works department at least 24 hours prior to the desired collection time. All appliances must have the doors removed prior to pickup. The town will not collect any hazardous material such as batteries, oil, paint, paint thinner, gas or chemicals.

For more information on waste disposal and recycling services offered by the Town of Benson, please see the Town of Benson garbage collection policies, and the printable brochure detailing the Town of Benson garbage collection policies. You can also contact Dean Byrd via e-mail to

Contact Benson:
Town of Benson
303 E. Church St.
P.O. Box 69
Benson, NC 27504


The Town of Clayton offers curbside pickup through Waste Management for household waste, recyclables, and yard waste. Roll-out bins are provided.

Large amounts of yard waste, household debris, furniture, and "white goods" will be removed on Fridays, Please call 919-553-1530 by Thursday at 4:00 PM and place your items at your curb on Thursday night. .

Waste and recyclables are picked up every other week. You can review the pickup schedule by street online.

The Town of Clayton contracts with Waste Management for their curbside pickup. Everything is set up through the Town Hall. Please e-mail or call Customer Service at 919-553-5002 to establish or alter your service. For more information, visit the Town of Clayton website.

Contact Clayton:
Town of Clayton
The Clayton Center
111 E. Second St.
Clayton, NC 27520

P.O. Box 879
Clayton, NC 27528

Four Oaks

The Town of Four Oaks provides curbside pickup of household trash twice per week, and collects recyclables once a month. The monthly recycling date will appear on your water bill, and is also posted in the Four Oaks News and Review newspaper. Collection is usually the second Wednesday of every month, but might change at times due to Waste Management's schedule.

Bins can be provided upon request. Frequently, residents are asked to mark an old trash can "Recycling" and use that for recyclables. Place the marked (or provided) bin at the curb on the recycling collection day.

For more information about waste disposal and recycling in Four Oaks, please call the Town of Four Oaks at 919-963-3112 or e-mail

Contact Four Oaks:
Town of Four Oaks, Clerk Office
304 S. Main Street
Four Oaks, NC 27524


The Town of Kenly contracts with Waste Industries to provide trash collection services. Please contact Waste Industries at 252-291-6635 for more information.


Contact Kenly:
Town of Kenly
206 W. Second Street
Kenly, NC 27542

Kenly Public Works
P.O. Box 519
Kenly, NC 27542


The Town of Micro contracts with Waste Industries to provide curbside collection of household waste and recyclables every Friday. Waste Industries will provide a bin. There is a monthly charge to residents for curbside collection of waste and recyclables.

The Town of Micro will collect large items, on the last Friday of the month, for free.

For more information on waste disposal and recycling in the Town of Micro, please call Betsy Nicholson at 919-284-2572 or e-mail

Contact Micro:
Town of Micro
101 US 301 South
P.O. Box 9
Micro, NC 27555

Pine Level

Garbage collection for houses within the city limits is every Wednesday. Garbage is collected from mobile home parks every Tuesday. A large dumpster is provided for each residence and must be placed by the curb for garbage to be collected. Other trash, such as tree limbs, leaves, moving boxes, and more, may be placed by the street for pick-up on Friday or Monday. Old appliances can be placed by the street for collection when the doors have been removed or secured so that a child cannot become entrapped in the appliance.

Recyclable materials are collected every Monday morning. Recycling bins are provided by the town. Bins must be placed by the street for collection. Items that can be recycled include corrugated cardboard, glass food and beverage containers, clean aluminum containers, newsprint and plastics #1 and #2.

For more information about waste collection and recycling in Pine Level, visit their Public Waste Collection page. You can also call either Ray or Ken in the Public Works department at 919-965-2284.

Contact Pine Level:
Town of Pine Level
214 N. Peedin Avenue
P.O. Box 328
Pine Level, NC 27568


The Town of Princeton provides curbside pickup of household waste every Wednesday. Recycling pickup is on every other Monday. There is a $24.00 per month fee for curbside collection of trash and recyclables. The collection will not pick up oil or paint. Oil and oil filters can be recycled locally. Call 919-936-8171 for more information. Services are offered to residents inside the town limits only.

For collection of large items, call 919-936-8171 to request a special pickup. Collections of large items are made year-round by appointment. The town will collect yard waste during season when leaves are raked out to the street in piles or bagged.

For more information on waste disposal and recycling in the Town of Princeton, please call Samantha Woodard at 919-915-2126 or send an e-mail to

Contact Princeton:
Town of Princeton
503 Dr. Donnie H. Jones Jr. Blvd West
P.O. Box 67
Princeton, NC 27569


The Town of Selma offers weekly curbside pickup of household waste, recyclables, yard waste, and some large items such as furniture. Recyclables are picked up once per week.

The Town offers bins for recyclables and trash. Bins should be placed on the curb the night before collection. 

You must call the Town of Selma Customer Service at 919-965-9841 to arrange for trash pickup. When you sign up for trash collection, you will be assigned a specific weekly pickup day.

For more information about curbside trash pickup in Selma, please view their Public Works Department web page. You can also call 919-965-9841 for more information.

Contact Selma:
Town of Selma
100 N. Raiford Street
Selma, NC 27576


The Town of Smithfield offers weekly curbside pickup of plastic recyclables, and provides a drop-off location for recyclables at the Public Works garage at 231 Hospital Road. The Smithfield drop-off location / convenience center is open Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Curbside collection of recyclables is done once a week for each household in Smithfield. Collection days are determined by residential district. District 1 pickup day is Monday, District 2 collection day is Tuesday, District 3 collection is on Wednesday, and District 4 collection is on Thursday.

More information can be found on the Town of Smithfield's Recycling page or from the Town of Smithfield's Public Works department. You can also call the Smithfield Public Works department at 919-934-2596.

Contact Smithfield:
Town of Smithfield
350 E. Market Street
P.O. Box 761
Smithfield, NC 27577
919-934-2116 ext. 1108

Wilson's Mills

The Town of Wilson's Mills does not offer curbside collection of trash or recyclables. Please use the County Convenience Centers and Landfill, or a private trash collector to dispose of waste and recyclables.

Contact Wilson's Mills:
Town of Wilson's Mills
P.O. Box 448
Wilson's Mills, NC 27593









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