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Household Waste Disposal


     Convenience Centers and Solid Waste Decals


Johnston County provides Solid Waste Convenience Centers at 12 locations placed strategically throughout the county designed for household solid waste disposal and recycling select household items.  


 A County resident that does not wish to utilize a Johnston County Solid Waste Convenience Site has the option to contract with any of the local commercial haulers available. Commercial waste haulers will provide curbside waste cans for household waste disposal for a fee.  

Local commercial businesses and industries are not eligible to dispose of waste using the Solid Waste Convenience Centers and must use the landfill or alternate disposal site for this service.

  Convenience Centers Policies:

  • The centers are for County residential use only.     
  • No out-of-county waste & recycling.
  • The centers will accept household waste and recyclable materials.
  • Only 3 bulk items per week max are allowed.
  • Examples of bulk items are-couch, chair, mattress,box springs, lamp or any other furniture in your home.
  • Limit one standard (1/2 ton) pickup truck load per week.
  • Large trailer loads must dispose of ther trash & recycling at the Landfill.
  • No dump trailers or trailers over 8 feet long will be allowed to use the sites.
  • No LP gas tanks, car parts, yard waste, dirt and san are accepted.
  • No Construction & Demolition (C&D) is accepted at the centers, which include building materials, insulation, drywall, shingles, cabinets, counter tps, commodes, tile materials, sinks, bathtubs, showers, doors, plumbing materials, concrete, asphalt, bricks, rocks, landscape materials, fencing, pallets, etc.
  • No clen-out of old buildings, pack barns, storage buildings, attics,etc., are accepted at the convenience center that exceeds 1/2 ton pick truck load per week.
  • Items not accepted at the centers must weigh at the landfill & pay a per ton disposal fee.
  • Customer is responsible for unloading trash and recyclables.
  • All commercial entities must dispose of their trash & recycling at the Landfill.
  • You must wait your turn, in line, before dumping at the containers.
  • No exchange of materials allowed.



  Violations and Enforcement: 

Enforcement is performed under the authority of the Johnston County Code of Ordinances, Chapter 20, Article II, Sec. 20-35. – Penalties. 

First time violation: The customer’s vehicle information is recorded. This information will be used to track the customer to determine if repeat violations occur. 

Second time violation (First Offence): The customer’s vehicle information is recorded. A $100 fine will be issued to the customer through the mail.  

Third time violation (Second Offence): The customer’s vehicle information is recorded. A $200 fine will be issued to the customer through the mail.  

Forth time violation (Third offence and subsequence offences): The customer’s vehicle information is recorded. A $400 fine will be issued to the customer through the mail. 


 What Must be Taken to the Landfill

The following items are not accepted at the Convenience Centers and must be taken to the Landfill:

  • Dead animals
  • Land clearing debris (trees or stumps)
  • Large loads of waste
  • Yard waste (logs, limbs, leaves, grass or plants)
  • Shingles, construction, or building materials
  • Antifreeze
  • Glass beverage bottles

Customers with construction or demolition waste must weigh at the Landfill and pay a per-ton disposal fee. All other items taken to the Landfill are subject to a disposal fee. For information about these items or any other questionable items, please call the Department of Solid Waste Services at 919-938-4750.

Littering is punishable under state law and county ordinance. All loads should be secured and covered to prevent littering. To report littering or illegal dumping, use the online form or call the Sheriff's Office at 919-989-5010

 Household Waste curbside collection 

Curbside waste pickup may be provided through one of the local trash pickup companies.

 Household Waste collection within the Towns

Each of the towns in the County has different policies and services provided. For more information on what services are provided by your town, see Waste and Recycling Information by Town.




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