Construction Standard Detail Drawings

Listed below are links to the PDF construction standard details. Many of these files are large (over 2 MB). Please be patient while they download.



Temporary Blow-Off Assembly – [PDF]
Permanent Blow-Off Assembly – [PDF]
Air-Release Manhole – [PDF]
Fire Hydrant Assembly – [PDF]
Tapping Sleeve and Valve Assembly – [PDF]
Standard Bore Encasement – [PDF]
Vertical Bend Rodding and Blocking Detail – [PDF]
Thrust Block Detail – [PDF]
Thrust Collar Installation – [PDF]
Restraint Harness – [PDF]
Large Culvert Crossing Detail – [PDF]
Storm Sewer Crossing Detail – [PDF]
Valve and Valve Box Installation – [PDF]
Concrete Protector Ring – [PDF]
Valve Marker – [PDF]
HDPE Pipe Connection – [PDF]
Pipe Laying Condition – [PDF]
Cutting and Replacing Pavement – [PDF]
¾” and 1” Yard Hydrant – [PDF]
Standard Water Tap – [PDF]
¾” and 1” Water Meter Service – [PDF]
1 ½” Water Service w/ RPZ and BFP – [PDF]
2" Water Service with RPZ and BFP - [PDF]
3” Water Service with BFP-Above Grade – [PDF]
3” and Larger Water Service w/BFP-Below Grade – [PDF]
Manual Air Relief Valve Assembly – [PDF]
Standard Gang Meter Assembly – [PDF]



Standard Manhole Frame and Cover – [PDF]
Standard Outfall Manhole Frame and Cover – [PDF]
Lockable Manhole Frame and Cover – [PDF]
Standard Precast Concrete Manhole – [PDF]
Inside Drop Manhole – [PDF]
Typical Shallow Manhole – [PDF]
Typical Vented Manhole – [PDF]
Typical Manhole Invert – [PDF]
Polypropylene Plastic Manhole Step – [PDF]
Pipe Laying Conditions A & B – [PDF]
Pipe Laying Conditions C & D – [PDF]
Pipe Laying Conditions E – [PDF]
Aerial Pipe Supports – [PDF]
Aerial Pipe Support Detail: 39A [PDF]   39B  [PDF]
Typical Storm Sewer Crossing – [PDF]
Typical Sewer Service Connection – [PDF]
Air Vacuum/Pressure Release Valve in Manhole – [PDF]


Basket Strainer Manhole – Section View – [PDF]
Basket Strainer Manhole – Plan View – [PDF]
Submersible Pump Station Plan & Section – [PDF]
Submersible Pump Station Rainhood – [PDF]
Submersible Pump Station Electrical Riser Detail – [PDF]
Chain Link Fence - [PDF]
Gate Detail (48B) - [PDF]


Septic Tank Effluent Pump – [PDF]
Standard Detail Pressure Sewer – [PDF]
Junction Box and Motor Control Panel – [PDF]
Wooden Antenna Pole Installation Detail – [PDF]


Standard Reclaimed Water Tap Detail – [PDF]
¾ and 1” Reclaimed Water Service Detail – [PDF]
1½” and 2” Reclaimed Water Service Detail – [PDF]
Tapping Sleeve and Valve Assembly – [PDF]
Hydrant Assembly – [PDF

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