Erosion and Sediment Control - within the jurisdictions of Johnston County,Benson, Wilson's Mills, Archer Lodge, Pine Level, and Clayton

Erosion and Sediment Control Ordinance PDF
Residential Erosion Control Flyer PDF
JC Erosion and Sediment Control Guidance PDF
Plan Checklist for Designers PDF | Word
Financial Responsibility Form PDF | Word
ESC Self-Inspection Form PDF | Word

Instructions for Submitting an Erosion & Sediment Control Plan

1. Contact Johnston County Public Utilities to schedule a pre-design conference.

2. A completed, notarized and signed Express Financial Responsibility/Ownership Form (FRO) - include any pertinent deed and easement information as well as latitude and longitude of the project.

3. Application Fee - The application fee of $275.00 per disturbed acre (rounded up to the next acre) is assessed for the first 8 acres and an additional $72 per acre for each additional acre (rounded up to the next acre).

4. A completed application checklist.

5. One copy of the erosion control plan. The plan must meet the requirements set forth in the North Carolina Erosion and Sediment Control Planning and Design Manual. The complete manual may be downloaded from the NCDENR website at

6. A narrative and all pertinent design calculations, construction details, and a detailed construction schedule.

7. The County will supply both required and suggested design comments as applicable during the review process. If the design engineer wishes to submit an innovative design or contest requirements, the final determination on whether the design is acceptable will be made by the Director of Utilities, Chandra C. Coats, P.E.

8. Direct all inquiries and submittals to:

Jessica Batten, Development Engineer/Stormwater Manager
Johnston County Public Utilities
309 E. Market Street
P.O. Box 2263 Smithfield, NC 27577
Office: 919-209-8333
Fax: 919-934-7174


Johnston County Public Utilities

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