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Administrative Support Staff

The Sheriff's Office has a staff of employees who serve as Administrative Support Specialists. These employees are assigned specific duties relating to the overall daily operations of the Sheriff’s Office.

The administrative duties of these employees include handling and disseminating of all phone calls to the main switchboard, fingerprinting, receiving and processing all applications for pistol permits and concealed weapons permits, including conducting background checks to determine eligibility for gun possession / ownership. They also receive and assign for service all criminal and civil processes and subpoenas, jury summonses, child support papers, orders to show cause, domestic violence protection orders, and all other orders of the court. An Administrative Specialist is also assigned to the Criminal Investigations Division for clerical support, including maintaining and recording case management records and providing information and assistance to the public when needed. The Narcotics Division is also assigned clerical support to maintain and track information necessary for this division.

These employees provide vital behind-the-scenes assistance that enables the Sheriff’s Office to fulfill our daily obligations to the public.