• Gator Vehicle

Search and Rescue (SAR) Team

The SAR Team consists of deputy sheriffs supervised by a Team Commander, an Assistant Team Commander, and deputies that are “National Association Search and Rescue” (NASAR) Certified Search and Rescue Technical II members.

This team utilizes specialized equipment including an 8’ X 8’ amphibious all-terrain vehicle, a John Deere 4 X 4 Gator, (4) all-terrain vehicles, (3) 4 X 4 sport utility vehicles, and (2) enclosed equipment trailers.

These deputies are highly trained to locate and rescue missing or lost persons within our county, as well as providing assistance to other law enforcement agencies when requested by the NC State Emergency Management.

Search and rescue vehicle SAR Patch

More Information

The Special Operations Division is responsible for managing specialized operations and investigations within Johnston County. Deputy Sheriffs are assigned to each of the four teams that make up this unit and must receive extensive specialized training in the areas to which they are assigned.

This division is supported by a mobile incident command center that, when deployed, is supervised by the command staff. These teams also work closely with the Johnston County Emergency Services in providing assistance in natural disasters and other major incidents that may occur in Johnston County. The Special Operations teams are as follows: Special Tactics and Response (STAR) Team, Crisis/Negotiation Team, Search and Rescue (SAR) Team, and Water Rescue Team.