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Criminal Investigations Division
Crime Scene Investigation (CSI)

There are two Crime Scene Investigators, one assigned to major crimes and one to property crimes. These deputies are trained in many aspects of crime scene investigations and processing. These techniques include blood stain pattern analysis, latent fingerprint processing, bullet trajectory, homicide investigations, and human remains recovery. These crime scene investigators also oversee and maintain control of our evidence room.

More Information

The Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigations Division (CID) is assigned a total of 27 deputies, and is supervised by a Captain and four Lieutenants. This division consists of four specialized sections: Major Crimes, Property Crimes, Crime Scene Investigations (CSI), and Narcotics. The primary function of these detectives is to investigate criminal activity, arrest those responsible, thus bringing to justice suspects who have committed criminal acts within the jurisdiction of our county.

Detectives receive extensive, specialized criminal investigative training in interviewing and interrogations, homicides, rapes, robberies, burglaries, and other criminal investigations. This training enables these detectives to stay informed on the latest investigative techniques and legal updates.