Filing for Municipal Candidacy

Below are answers to frequently asked questions about filing for candidacy: 

When may a citizen file for office?

Filing for office begins 12 noon the first Friday in July and ends 12 noon the third Friday in July. NC GS 163.294.2(e).

What must a citizen do to file for candidacy to serve in a Municipality?

The citizen will need to complete a Notice of Candidacy form at the Johnston County Board of Elections Office at 205 South Second Street, Smithfield, one block south of the Johnston County Courthouse.

What are the requirements for a citizen to file for a Municipality Seat?

  • Resident of the Municipality
  • Registered voter

(Each Municipality may have additional requirements for filing.  You will need to contact the town clerk for that Municipality).

Is there a fee for filing?

Filing fees are set by each municipality.

Do citizens need to declare a political party when filing?

Citizens do not need to declare a political party.  The Municipal Elections are conducted on a nonpartisan basis.

How are election results determined?

Elections results are determined using the nonpartisan plurality method meaning the highest vote getter wins the seat.  NC GS 163.292.

When does a newly elected official take the oath of office?

The oath of office is administered at the organizational meeting of each Municipality.

If you still have a question about filing for candidacy, please contact the Johnston County Board of Elections Office at 919-989-5095.

Page last updated: November 7, 2023