Water, Sewer, and Reclaimed Water Utility Construction - Within the jurisdictions of Johnston County, Wilson's Mills, and Archer Lodge.

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Water and Sewer Policies PDF
Reclaimed Water Policies PDF
JC Utility Development Guidance PDF
JC Water Application for Approval of Engineering Plans and Specifications PDF | Word
JC Utility Construction Closeout Guidance PDF
Water Construction Engineer's Certification PDF | Word

Instructions for Submitting a Private Development Utility Construction Plan

  1. Refer to Section 8 of the Johnston County Water Distribution, Wastewater Collection, and Reclaimed Water Design and Construction Standards for detailed information about submittal requirements.
  1. Provide required Review Fee – see fee schedule.
  1. Submit one copy of the completed Application for Approval of Engineering Plans and Specifications for Water Utility Construction Form (water projects only). No PWS approval is needed. 
  1. Wastewater permits need DWQ approval and must be submitted to DWQ by the design engineer. Johnston County will provide the flow tracking form and sign the permit application.

    Fast Track Sewer Permitting Information
    Owner:                                Johnston County
    WWTP:                                Central Johnston County Regional Wastewater Facility
    Collection System:                Johnston County
    Signature:                            Chandra C. Farmer, P.E.
                                                Director of Utilities
  1. Submit one copy of the plans and specifications sealed by a NC licensed engineer. The plans and specifications must meet the requirements set forth in the Johnston County Water Distribution, Wastewater Collection, and Reclaimed Water Design and Construction Standards.  The complete document may be downloaded from the Johnston County website at https://www.johnstonnc.com/ut2/content.cfm?page_desc=wdwcrwdcs
  1. Submit an Engineering Report including all pertinent design calculations (including fire flow certification with summary sheet), construction description, and a detailed construction schedule. Pump station design calculations, gravity sewer velocity, hydraulic grade line, force main velocity, and pressure at high-low points.
  1. Provide copies of all required permits and/or encroachment agreements necessary for the project. Include 401/404 Permitting Certification (https://www.johnstonnc.com/files/utils/401-404PermittingCertification.pdf
  1. The County will supply both required and suggested design comments as applicable during the review process. If the design engineer wishes to submit an innovative design or contest requirements, the final determination on whether the design is acceptable will be made by the Director of Utilities, Chandra C. Farmer, P.E.



Instructions for Closing Out a Private Development Utility Construction Project

The following documents are required prior to placing a new or modified utility into service:

     1.  Completed Water Utility Construction Engineer Certification Form (place on company letterhead)

     2.  Complete set of record or “as-built” drawings sealed by the engineer of record .

     3.  State lab certification of passing water quality testing (must be dated within the 30 days prior to the County’s    acceptance of the water facilities).

     4.  Recorded plat indicating any necessary utility easements.

     5.  Lien waver from the utility contractor (use AIA Document G706A – 1994).

Direct all inquiries and submittals to:

Mike Keen Utility Projects Manager
Johnston County Public Utilities
309 E. Market Street
P.O. Box 2263 Smithfield, NC 27577
Office: 919-209-8333
Fax: 919-934-7174

Johnston County Public Utilities

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Smithfield, NC 27577

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